David Stinson arc5 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun Sep 6 22:11:06 EDT 1998

I have lots of trade goodies.
Let me know what you need ham/military/tube.

Military Infantry Radio Stuff:
For the BC-659/PE-120 I need
AN-29 antenna, manuals and accessories.

Any BC-611 or BC-721 radios.

BC-474 radio and accessories.

For the BC-611-C, BC-611-F and BC-721
I need manuals and accessories.

Looking for a complete/excellent
US-issue SCR-300 with all accessories.

Aircraft Stuff:
ATB and ATD transmitters in unmodified condition.

"ARC-5" type equipment:
Any radio or accessory marked

T-15, T-16, T-89, T-90 transmitters.
R-112, R-113 receivers.
Any receiver or transmitter factory/depot for
over 9 MCs other then the T-23/R-28.
BC-942 receiver (looks just like an R-28).
Any unit factory-built for 12-14 VDC.
Any unit factory-marked in non-English languages.
Any connectors and shock mounts.
Any control head for ARA other then 3-receiver.
Any shock mount for ATA or ARA.
Anything at all for RAT or RAV.
AN/ARC-5 control box types C-24, C-25, C-26,
C-27, C-29, C-39, C-43, J-17, J-28, J-34.
External tuner TU-6.
Interested in anything unusual or low-production
for the ARC-5/SCR-274N families.

SCR-xx-183 Equipment.
Prefer Aircraft Radio Corp make
(I have SCR-xx-283, SCR-274, GF/RU and ARC-5 to trade):
BC-xx-232 transmitter control box.
Junction Box TM-AH-172.
Antenna Switching Relay BC-xx-198.
Any coil set for receiver BC-xx-229.
Any coil set for transmitter  BC-xx-230.
Tuning dials MC-372 and MC-390.
Connectors PL-61, PL-62, PL-63, PL-64, PL-77, PL-104.
BD-AS-83 Dynamotor supply.

ARC-type-12 control heads--
 C-14 which runs the early R-13 (black wrinkle paint).
 C-15 which controls the ARC-type-17 set (painted grey).

Need TCS-13 remote control and antenna tuning unit.

73 DE Dave Stinson AB5S
Austin, Texas
arc5 at ix.netcom.com

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