USM-223 Military Multimeter - Batteries??

Larry Wolken rhys at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sat Sep 12 17:27:33 EDT 1998

Howdy Gang --

I come to ask help from the collective experience of the boatanchor boys.
Recently picked up one of the classic large meter military handheld
multimeters in good shape complete with cover.  It appears to have contain
FET's among other components  on two PC boards.  The volt and amp ranges
work fine, but when I put batteries in it, and select the ohm ranges, the
needle stays pinned, regardless of the pot adjustment.

The label on the back of the case says that it's been internally modified
to accept two alkaline batteries in place of six mercury cells.  There are
three battery slots which nicely hold two AA's and one C cell.  Are these
likely to be the right batteries or no??

Thanks for the help
Larry Wolken N3OJD

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