Heathkit HA-10 Warrior $350.00 or trade for Drake or Ten Tec

Lane Zeitler zeitler at IBM.NET
Mon Sep 14 23:49:01 EDT 1998

Fellow Followers of Warm Radios,

(Ten Tec Reflector readers pls be patient)

See the Nov. 97 issue of CQ for adding 160 meters and other mods to this

I have a super nice HA-10 Warrior amp. Originally ran a quad of 811As. This
one is using a quad of 572Bs. Stock plate xmfr so Ep is 1650 at idle. Drops
to 1475 vdc under load at 900 watts output with 100 watts of drive. Pretty
dog gone good power out for such a low Ep with these tubes. I was going to
change the supply around for the 572Bs but never did. This supply is a choke
input and offers outstanding voltage reg. Only 120 vac for the input--no 240
vac option. Line voltage only drops 2 volts fully loaded at my QTH.

Only electrical mod is I removed the 866As (yuk) and installed K1AW's 14kvdc
3 amp diode bricks. These were installed to the underside of the 866A
sockets so no holes were drilled and is very reversible but I got rid of the
866As. I highly recommend this mod. It really works.

Front panel is super nice and the cabinet is just as clean. I have a nice
copy of the manual.

Stock configuration so it covers 80-10 meters. Have not tried it on the WARC
bands yet. My SB-220 and SB-200 both work fine on those bands so this one
should also.

It is VERY VERY heavy--100 pounds not including the shipping cartons and
packing so figure around 110 pounds shipped. Buyer will pay shipping. Not
cheap. I will ship UPS only and I will insure it appropriately.

Tubes are American. I think SOME Cetrons but not all.

I would like to trade for the following:

>>>>>> Drake C line or B line gear.

>>>>>> Ten Tec Corsair I or Omni C.

>>>>>> Knwd TS-830S. S/N above 3 mil.

>>>>>> sell outright for $350.00 plus shipping.

San Diego zip 92139

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