The 3/1/99 Problem

Bill Evans bevans at EBSYS.MB.CA
Fri Sep 18 17:53:39 EDT 1998

The story of Edwin Armstrong, one of the greatest inventors in
communications history, is truly tragic.  Just like that of Mozart.  One
wonders how such genius can be destroyed and depricated by the greed and ego
of others.  History suggests that Sarnoff and DeForest were the villains in
this piece of tragedy.
73 de VE4UD

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>At 04:31 PM 9/17/98 -1000, you wrote:
>>annals of radio history are many, but one particular comes to mind; when a
>>young Russian immigrant, David Sarnoff, copied the dots and dashes of the
>The same "General" David Sarnoff that drove Armstrong to suicide. If
>you get a chance, read a bit about this guy, he was one evil bastard.
>"Empire of the Air" is one book that comes to mind.
>>distress message from the ill-fated SS Titanic. As most of us know,
>>went off to become the head of RCA and probably did more to bring
>>into the homes of Americans than any other industry leader, but that is
>how he
>>got his start.
>It's been a while since I read the book, but I seem to remember that
>there was a good chance that HE was off and wasn't even working at the
>time that the distress call came. Still an evil bastard. I watch a total
>of about 2 hours of TV a week. I have lots of free time to do other
>stuff. Average person gets home from work and flops down in front of
>the TV till it's time to go to bed. Total waste of time, and they never
>get anything done, not to mention all of the liberal programming and mental
>conditioning that has contributed to the decline of morals and morality
>in this Republic.
>Sarnoff was evil. Sarnoff pushed TV. TV is evil...
>>  The IMO says, "Morse code is being phased out because of its many
>>These include the need for years of training and practice for operators to
>>it." The truth hurts, but the IMO says that if something happened to the
>>operator, it is unlikely that anyone else onboard a ship would be able to
>>the telegraphy equipment.
><ROTFL> I love their reasoning. Face it, the code is dead, there are
>much more efficient methods of communication. Actually, ham radio is
>dead if you get right down to it. I hold the hard line "code requirement"
>people to blame for this. As the numbers of licensed hams continue to
>drop, more of the spectrum will be lost, but who cares, we still have
>"the code". Maybe we need a secret handshake too! Sheesh... Another
>thing to consider that ham radio peaked before everyone had a TV in
>their house to eat up their time.
>I guess that indirectly, you can blame Sarnoff for the failure of
>ham radio and the failure of American society as a whole. Hopefully
>he's burning in hell along with DeForest. <grin>
>yes, I passed the code test,
>Treasonous government officials should have their bronzed,
>severed heads displayed on poles in Washington D.C., or
>their respective state capitals, as a promise of justice
>to all future generations.
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