The 3/1/99 Problem

Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Fri Sep 18 20:32:29 EDT 1998

On Fri, 18 Sep 1998, Nolan Lee wrote:
>  I watch a total
> of about 2 hours of TV a week. I have lots of free time to do other
> stuff. Average person gets home from work and flops down in front of
> the TV till it's time to go to bed. Total waste of time, and they never
> get anything done, not to mention all of the liberal programming and mental
> conditioning that has contributed to the decline of morals and morality
> in this Republic.

Well, you can't blame the invention of television for the lack of some
people's desire to read or do other productive activities in the evening.
I'd venture to guess that most of the folks on this fine list spend
their evenings in the shack rebuilding gear or operating on the air.

> Sarnoff was evil. Sarnoff pushed TV. TV is evil...

PBS, CNN, Discovery Channel, History Channel are all evil??  =:o

> <ROTFL> I love their reasoning. Face it, the code is dead,

Second-most used mode on the HF ham bands.

> there are much more efficient methods of communication.

Not if we expand the number of variables in the "efficiency equation": I
can collect components and build a CW transmitter in a matter of a few
hours from scratch; that efficiency is certainly lacking with any other
mode.I can contact more hams around the world with that homebrewed
transmitter than one can with any other mode. Again, pretty

> Actually, ham radio is dead if you get right down to it.

We've got more licensed hams in the US and in the world than at any
other time in our almost 100-year history.

> I hold the hard line "code requirement" people to blame for this.

I accept the "blame" for the record-breaking number of hams we have

> As the numbers of licensed hams continue to drop, more of the spectrum
> will be lost,

We were given three new bands since WARC '79, and more HF spectrum is
being ear-marked for us as we write. There is absolutely no threat to
our HF frequencies. (UHF spectrum will be lost because folks are on
internet whining about the code rather than populating those UHF

>  but who cares, we still have "the code". Maybe we need a secret
>  handshake too!

I get the feeling you might be subscribed to the wrong e-list...

Enjoy the weekend!
Jeff KH2PZ (former US Coast Guard code operator)

P.S. I'd like to trade: Teletype Corporation "High Speed Tape Punch Set
(BRPE)" includes "Bulletin 215B" (operating manual). Physical condition:
9; working condition: unknown. (Visually, it appears never to have been

for a Heath DX-60B (or possibly 60A) transmitter.

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