GB> RF Radiation: Hazard?

Jim Berry basalop at GTE.NET
Fri Sep 25 22:49:08 EDT 1998

Roberta said:

>    A real quickie about RF radiation danger.
>    The worst problems *known* for sure are not that the stuff will cause
> cancer, but that it will *cook* you.

I remember a story I heard once about fellers who worked on the old DEW line
radar system.  This was a ring of radar systems positioned along the Arctic
Circle to warn us if the Ruskies were sending a big one our direction.

The snow was melted out in front of the antenna system.  The guys who had to
work out there in that nasty wx would walk into that area to get "warmed
up".  Probably not a 90's thing to do.  I am curious if any of this actually
caused any harm?

73 Jim K7SLI

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