BAMA update for April.

Kenneth D. Grimm, K4XL grimm at LYNCHBURG.NET
Fri Apr 2 11:38:37 EST 1999

The manuals keep rolling into the BAMA site!

Thanks to Mike Dinelli, N9BOR for the owners manual for the Drake W4
Wattmeter and to Robert Lawson, W4RL for the E. F. Johnson 100 kc
Crystal Calibrator.

Thanks to James True, N4ARW, for instruction sheets for Shure
microphones 404B, 404C, 55 and the Johnson Electronic T/R Switch.
Thanks also to Bruce Stock, AB7YD, for the Hammarlund HQ-110 manual.
Thanks to Jimmy Poole, WA5UMP,for uploading the manual for the Drake
TR-6 which has now been removed from the needed list.

Special thanks to Gary Harmon, K5JWK.  Gary sent me a box
containing forty-five boatanchor manuals!  I have been very busy
scanning as fast as I can and have uploaded Gary's manuals for the
Astatic TG Kit for the G stand, Conar 400 and 500 Novice transmitter and
receiver, Drake 2-BQ Q Multiplier, C4 Station Console, R4, SSR-1
Hallicrafters HT-41, SR-150, SX-88, SX-101A, SX-115,  Eico 377, Eico 379
and Alpha 374 amplifier.  There are many more to come, so keep checking
on BAMA for those manuals you need to get your old gear working again.

Still on the needed list are manuals for the B&W Grid Dip Oscillator,
Central Electronics 10B, 200V, 600L,Dentron GLA-1000, Johnson Viking
Valiant and 6N2 VFO,Hallicrafters SX-146, HA-2, HA-6, HT-46,
SR-46,Hammarlund Comet Pro, Heath SB-620,and the National NC-33.  If you
can help with any of these, there are folks out there in boatanchor land
who would greatly appreciate your uploading them to BAMA.

Thanks again to the many generous folks who are making BAMA more useful
with their uploads.

Ken K4XL
grimm at
BoatAnchor Manual Archive - or

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