Will White wcw at USWEST.NET
Sun Apr 4 04:02:18 EDT 1999

I just saw a very interesting video about Leon Theremin and his musical
"instrument," called a Theremin, which he invented in the 1930's. From
what scant technical information the film presented, I gather this was a
device composed of one or more oscillators, an audio amp, two antennas,
possibly an RF amp. All vaccum tube electronics, 'played" apparently by
using the hands around and about the device, varying hand capacitance
effects. Remember the Beach Boys tune "Good Vibrations" and that
wavering, organ-like sound? That's this thing.

I seek further info about this odd marriage of radio and music, possibly
even a schematic. I'd like to give a shot at building one.
Will White, KD7BFX

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