Amateur Boycott of Swatch 2m Jamming

Brian Carling af4k at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Apr 5 11:09:52 EDT 1999

On  5 Apr 99 at 10:59, DavidC wrote:

> > It's real. Some Russian crooks tricked the French into providing the
> > hardware.
> >
> > It is a one-way commercial broadcast from the satellite to earth
> > on 145.80 - 146.0 MHz.
> One idea is to create phasing distortion adequate to render
> the received signal unintelligible (bouncing our signals off their
> satellite would cause two signals to be received at the same
> time on the same frequency with different content).

David. It is a ONE WAY system!!

You cannot "bounce" a signal off a satellite!

If you do, you will get back a signal that is probably too small for the
average receiver to get, even with a 90 foot long receive antenna
(compared to the transmitted signal from the bird!)

> I suppose
> we could also find the control signal and jam it so they cannot
> turn the ridiculous thing on.

Unlikely. Once it is on it will stay on and I am sure thay are not giving
THAT secret away!

>Or could we find their most valued
> VHF frequency and bounce a mixing frequency off that same
> satellite so that the resultant frequency would jam their receivers?

Hmmmm... I think we can do better than THAT!

> Let's get creative folks ... in addition to complaining ... it's more
> fun to speculate as to how to prevent it by being clever!  :-)
> Hmmm ... how low is that thing going to be flying?  Perhaps
> a weather balloon and some C4?  ;-)

30 days. What is C4?

> Since the wonder-kid Clinton has led NATO into bombings in
> direct violation of international law how can we now criticize
> anyone else for ignoring international law for personal gain?

He can't but we can.

Yes, he has apperently ordered  some domestic fire-bombings too.


and weep!

By the way - no need to send me an extra copy on these. I am on the list!

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