Tektronix RM-45A scope query

Will White wcw at USWEST.NET
Mon Apr 5 22:45:29 EDT 1999

I have an opportunity to obtain a Tek RM-45A scope for $45. It takes
Type CA plug-ins, whatever that means.I have seen these (the scope
itself) in Surplus Sales of NEs catalog for $175, so it looks like I may
be getting a really good deal. Also, the unit appears to have been very
well cared for. It came out of a university science lab just last

What should I check before plopping down my money? Can anyone tell me
what the tube line-up in this unit is? I understand that the RM-45A is
the rack-mounted version of the 545A, so if this is correct info, that
should mean the two models are electrically identical or at least very
close. It is very definitely a boatanchor, at about 50 lbs. and the size
of a window-mounted air-conditioner!

This scope is more than 25 years old, so what is the price/availability
of replacement CRTs should I need one in the future? I will check to
make sure it has a trace before I buy it. How specifically do I evaluate
the trace/CRT for quality/condition? Other simple tests and/or check
points that are recommended?

That's a lot of questions, whew! Thanks for reading this and
double-thanks for your replies.
Will White, KD7BFX

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