Broken Band Switch Fix

David Stinson arc5 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Apr 6 18:11:09 EDT 1999

> "Lon W. Cottingham" wrote:
>...I am trying to repair a SR# 5000+, Cedar Rapids
> manufactured, 75A4...
>The problem is that the forward wafer of the bandwidth
>(filter) switch has been broken.....

I've tried lots of ways to fix this.  The only one
that worked well is a lot of trouble but gave me a
good, solid switch (this was a fiber switch- not ceramic).

I went to a hobby shop that sells RC airplanes and cars.
I got a packet of very thin fiberglass-looking strips
they use for patching holes and such.
There are carbon strips that are stronger and thinner
but I was afraid these might act like resistors.
They may indeed work well but I didn't try them.
Hobby shops also carry something called "ZAP-A-GAP" cyanoacrylic glue.
Unlike that useless "superglue" junk,  it has some type
of filler that allows it to fill gaps.  It works pretty well.

I used some modeler's clay to tack the edges of the
switch pieces in place on a flat surface.  You must
make sure they are exactly flat and level because
you ain't gonna straighten it out later.
I cut the fiber stuff to fit and layed it over the cracks,
then daubed-on the ZAP-A-GAP, which soaked through and made
it look like a wet bandage.
I used enough that it "wet" the break as well.
If you get it in the contacts,
I have not idea what will take it out.  So don't  ;-).
Once it dried I trimmed the excess,
turned the switch over and "bandaged" the other side.
I let it dry, trimmed again, cleaned the contacts
and re-installed.  Last I heard it was still working fine.

Hope this is some help.

73 Dave Stinson AB5S
arc5 at

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