FS: Cool old DuKane tube intercom

Dave zommbee at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Apr 9 16:47:55 EDT 1999

Hello all,

Although not ham gear per-se, it would make an
awesome platform for a 1948 looking rack
receiver or transmitter.  That was my plan with
it when I got it.

I have had this thing for a number of years, always
intending to make something cool out of it.  But
I'm now in a condo without a workshop, so it's time
to move it on.

It's a DuKane intercom chassis designed for rack
mounting.  It has a WONDERFUL face plate, and
is really art-deco.   There's 11 big black bakelite
knobs and a unique meter, plus two molded deco
speaker grilles.

Tube lineup:

12AX7 x 3
5881 output

The face is 9+ out of 10, the rest easily 8+.  The power
cord has been cut, but last time I powered it (several
years ago) it worked fine.

I have 2 jpegs I can email.  Drop me a note if you want
to see it.  I hope to post them on my website in a day
or two if there is no interest in it here.  But if you are
at all interested, look at the jpegs.  It really looks neat!

Anyway, I'm asking $50 plus shipping.

Thanks to all,


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