Radiotron 4th edition for trade! A Nice Clean one!

Ed Sharpe couryhouse at AZONLINE.COM
Tue Apr 13 01:31:18 EDT 1999

here are my interest areas.
Have at it!
I am always looking for professional journals, conference proceedings,
and upper-level and graduate-level books in EE and related areas of
applied physics.  Early childrens books on these subject wanted also! I
look for older stuff (back to the start of time) as well as current
stuff.  The list below is a general guideline, if you have material that

is in question email me at couryhouse at

Book subjects I look for include, for example:
- Radio
- Television
- Microscope catalogs, books, and books depicting use of microscopes in
any use.
- Very early medical and nursing books.
- Countermeasures
- Wireless
- Broadcasting
- Broadcast personalities
- Paper goods related to broadcasting or actual artifacts
- Telephone Communications
- Telegraph
- Photography
- Underwater Cable (i.e. Transatlantic cable)
- Electron Microscope
- Physics
- Space and rocketry
- History of Science and Technology
- Early X-ray
- Company history books (These are biographies of companies)
- Chemistry (early or really esoteric)
- Acoustics (esp. audio);
- Plasma engineering or physics;
- All areas of telecomm engineering;
- Applied math or math methods;
- Geology ( Not the intro., books !Microfossils are good!);
- Analog circuits;
- Transistor or integrated circuit fabrication or device structures;
- Microprocessor design (or Memory design);
- Computer architecture, especially parallel, graphics, and high-speed
- Materials science or solid-state physics of thin film or semiconductor

- Digital Signal Processing, especially speech and image processing;
- Microwave circuits and antennas;
- Optics;
- Medical Electronics;
- Solid-state power devices (discrete or integrated);

Looking for anything in various other applied physics and electrical
engineering areas.  If you do not see it here but think it might be an
“Ed Sharpe” Book call, Email or drop a note Dealers: a number of areas
of mechanical, petroleum, and aerospace engineering are also of interest

- please inquire for more details on this area, or send lists of what
you have.

Journals, Magazine and Conference Proceedings wanted include, for

IEDM (International Electron Devices Meeting)
ISSCC (IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference)
Symposium on VLSI Technology
Bell System Technical Journals
Bell Laboritories “RECORD”
Semiconductor International
Popular Electronics Pre- 1970
Electronics Illustrated pre- 1970
Radio News
Modern Electrics
Wireless Experimenter
Any pre- 1950 paper or magazines!
EDN or Electronics Design News
Journal of the Electrochem. Soc.
Journal of the American Vacuum Soc.
IRE Journals and proceedings
IEEE Journals
And others are also wanted.... Again If it looks Like it fits this list
even remotely
Email me!    Ed Sharpe   -  couryhouse at

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