A kit I'd like to see.

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Sun Apr 18 11:48:19 EDT 1999

Something I sure could use (and I bet some other boatanchor fans could,
too) would be a kit for a VFO (or even a VXO) that was capable of
driving a boatanchor xmtr.  Would be fairly simple, I expect.  Digital
readout not a necessity, maybe an option.  Could be a hybrid (Doug DeMaw
had some plans in QST in the early 70's for a two transistor followed by
a 6C4 circuit.

Alternately, what about a retro-fit board for, say, the HG-10 or VF-1,
using the old L/C circuit but replacing the oscillator with something
stable enough to run on 15 meters without a lot of chirp?

Differential keying? QSK?

If it was feasible, reasonable, and relatively simple, like the Heathkit
VFO's of yore, is there any interest out there that might be able to get
a kit company interested?  Maybe the cake-pan outfit?

Is this crazy?  I'd be interested in hearing any comments.

Tnx es 73
Tom n0jmy

"...alright, anyone who believes in telekinesis, raise my hand..."

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