For Trade: Collins KWM-2 access's

David Stinson arc5 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Apr 20 18:40:36 EDT 1999

For Trade:
351D-2 mobile mount and the DC mobile power supply for the KWM-2.
These need cleaning and the cable on the DC supply
needs to have four wires  resoldered, but they look
to be in good shape and complete as far as I can tell.
I haven't tested the DC supply because I don't want to
take the time to recap it, but it looks OK with no
burn smells or anything amiss.

I'm interested in trading for items for my military collection.
I collect the "ARC-5" command sets, pre-WW-II military
aircraft items and WW-II era ground portable items.
No interest in post-1950s military items.

On the "ARC-5" type units-
I have every "common" command set many times over and
would only be interesting in the "uncommon" units,
such as those factory built for 12 VDC, for unusual
freq. ranges like above 9 MC or transmitters for below
2 MC, non-English markings, or any unmodified unit that is marked
on the same plate.  I would also be interested in multiples
of control boxes, shock mounts, racks, connectors, etc.

I am willing to talk about other trades.

Kind Regards,
David Stinson AB5S
arc5 at

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