SX-62 (SX-42) parts/knobs FOR SALE/TRADE

Ian Webb ian_webb at PACBELL.NET
Fri Apr 23 22:18:23 EDT 1999

I have an SX-62A parts receiver.  (Some parts are also usable on the
SX-42 I'm told.)

I have been asked about **KNOBS** by many people.  I had thought that I
had a chance to do a trade which would get me the SX-101 style knob that
I need for the band switch on my rebuilt SX-62A (large knob) but that
seems to have fallen through so I'm not waiting longer to offer them.

I have a complete set of the fluted knobs.  (But NO POINTER RESET
KNOB!)  I will entertain OFFERS that will put these knobs to use to help
a "needy" SX-62 receiver to become complete.  I will give preference to
an offer that also gets me the SX-101 knob that I need to make my
restored SX-62A complete.  I will make an attempt to get as many SX-62s
back in original shape if I can by having the knobs go to needy homes so
please understand and don't get frustrated if I seem reluctant to
immediately sell the entire set of knobs to you.  Let's give an
opportunity to those who only check their mail a few times a week!

Here's a picture of the entire knob set.  It has been sharpened and
adjusted so it shows the blemishes more clearly and does make them look
worse than they are I think.  No work has been done to try to polish and
clean the knobs or skirts and one of the skirts with the 0 to 10 scale
has been squashed as a result of poor packing when the receiver was
shipped to me.  The knob itself is OK and perhaps the skirt can be
restored but at least the 0 to 10 skirt on it is more generic and
probably easier to find than some of the other skirts.  This is a fairly
large image file to try to retain the detail so it'll take a bit of time
to view it. (80 K or so)

Here's a much smaller file with only a few of the knobs in a different


* Front panel
* Bezel
* dial scale glass
* cover glass for dial scale
* left side sheet metal with pointer reset shaft
* dial pointer
* dial pointer track across top (L shaped aluminum bar)
* 1st, 2nd & 3rd IF coils
* case

I have most of the rest of the receiver so if you need specific parts,

Let's hope that this makes it possible for some SX-62 (SX-42?) receivers
to spring back to life!

Ian, K6SDE
San Jose, CA area

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