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David Stinson arc5 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Apr 27 17:11:48 EDT 1999

This gentleman is working on an R-390 and on an R-392.
If anyone can help him out, pls contact him at:

mfaria at mail.utexas.edu

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From: "Mary Faria" <mfaria at mail.utexas.edu>

Hi Dave Thanks for talking to me this evening.  Well, here's my want
I am looking for:

1.  A complete RF deck for an R-390 non A.
2.  A shop manual for a tv-2au that gives enough info so I can develope
test settings for tubes not on the test scroll.
3.  R-390 meters that r restoreable.
4.  I would like to find a complete  R-392 to restore.  I have been told
radios r not very good but, I would like to do one anyway.  I think they
r a
neat looking radio.  In addition if I do find a R-392 I will need to
spare tubes.  I use the radios I restore and have no spares for the
tubes that radio uses.

Thank you

Dave Faria
Austin, Tx

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