Testing electrolytics under power

Will White wcw at USWEST.NET
Thu Apr 29 03:24:58 EDT 1999

I don't know where I got this idea, but isn't it true that the only way to get
reliable test readings on *electrolytic* caps is with them in-circuit, under

I ask this because the multi-section electro. cans in my AC-3 P/S test
slightly outside their nominal tolerances, in-circuit but fully discharged. I
bought some radial-lead new manufacture caps as replacements, but before I do
the work to R&R them, I'd like to know the old ones are really gone out of
spec, not just reading this way due to my poor test method. BTW, the P/S and
radio exhibit no hum or other symptoms when used with my TR-4

Should I test with power applied? If so, then do I simply attach one meter
lead to ground, the other to the cap lug terminal? Tanks es 73
Will White, KD7BFX

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