Modifications to Military Radios.

Tony Grogan wsno19 at MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Aug 4 09:48:48 EDT 1999

In the early 1950's, I performed "radical radiostectomy" on many a BA. ( I
can finally come out of my radio cabinet and admit it!!!!(shame!)

Today, with ever dwindling sources of (especially) later state-of-the-art
equipment being released by western governments, it is well to think about
preserving for posterity and enjoyment pf history, some of these for future

I think the sheer volume of equipment released after WW11 and well up into
the 1960's...only gave the impression..that there was a "bottomless pit" of
this stuff that would continue forever.

In the last 10 yrs, due to changes in society, much has been thrown away and
will continue to be thrown as modern day families neither have the room to
store this stuff or reject it because of its appearance.

With these facts in mind, it is good to "preach the radio gospel of

I think if you have a BA that is "common" and it has been modified to a
"point of no recovery"..then save that for someone who wants to modify...not
a problem there..I learned a lot by "sacrificing" some of these radios......

....but if a BA can be "saved" then just as any "antique or curio" try to
restore and preserve it.

Lets do one thing more for posterity too...! LETS TRY TO ENSURE THAT WE

Possibly a registry of what is owned in America would not be a bad idea??
Before anyone talks about disclosing what you own..remember these are old
radios...not jewellry or guns!!

Right now I am trying to preserve all the W.S. No.19 sets I can and work
with others too....

My 50 c.p.s. worth.....

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