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David Stinson arc5 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Aug 9 09:53:57 EDT 1999

Here's a follow-up to the scam alert I relayed a couple of
days ago.  This contains contact numbers should you be one
of this guy's victims.

I don't have any further information at this time.
73 Dave

As a result of last Saturday's emergency "Scam Alert", several
responses were received ....
The subject of that message was a Mike Kirby, operating
out of a P.O. Box in Panama City Florida.  Kirby was prosecuted
for this very same activity in 1991 and an in-depth article
was published in "Antique Radio Classified"...
(see Feb. 1991, pg 21, ARC).
He operates by selecting want adds from various radio related
publications, then offering much sought after equipment at a reasonable
price. He accepts 1/2 payment up front, with the further incentive of
free delivery by his brother-in-law who is a supposed independent truck
driver. Needless to say, neither the equipment,
nor the brother-in-law exist.

So far, he has targeted persons advertising in QST,
Antique Radio Classified, Electric Radio, and Amateur Radio Trader.
Currently Kirby is again being investigated by both the U.S. Postal
Service, and the Bay County Fl. Police. The evidence so far against him
is mounting, but more is sought. If you too have suffered at his hands,
or can offer additional information, contact Detective Robert Luther of
the Bay County FL Intelligence Division at the following phone numbers:
850-872-3129 ext 3129, or fax 850-747-5914. As Kirby is also guilty of
mail fraud, and interstate & international wire fraud, it would also be
a good idea to file a complaint with your local Post Master and FBI
office(indicate to both that other investigations are currently in
progress and give them Detective Luther's number),
and the publishers of the magazines that promped
Kirby to contact you.

As investigations are currently underway,
it would NOT be a good idea at this time to confront Kirby yourself!

Here are some responses to the scam alert posting.
I am simply relaying information received as requested.
I do not have any personal knowledge as to
the accuracy of any of these allegations and
cannot myself make them.
I suggest and request that you use
your own judgement in each case.
Also as a result of the Saturday "Scam Alert" Message, several
other complaints were received about persons operating similar scams, or
questionable activities. All of them have been reported before, so I
they warranted including here.

#1, say, there's another guy who advertizes a "List of WW2 radio
and has offered this list for 2 years now. I just saw it still
in Ham Radio Classifieds. This is not on the same level, i wouldn't
call it a scam except your money for this list is wasted, the list has
some home radios and junk and not anything you would want! I don't
understand the payoff for this guy and why he continues to list the same
junk month after month.

#2, There is a person named Bob Van Dyke,in East Quoge,NewYork,out on
Long Island.He deals mosly with entertainment type antiques, and
tactics are perhaps barely legal,he is one of the most hated people in
these parts when it comes to antique radio.He does
deal in surplus when it
comes around, so some of us could be victims.I told him that he is never
allowed to come on my property or communicate with me in any way.His
tactics are mostly lieing about the completeness or condition of
equipment,and drawing you into a deal of "bait and switch".

#3, The below company has been reported here before with their
claims, ridiculous prices, and non-existent equipment for sale, I'm
informed that there is now a Federal Task Force who's sole purpose is to
investigate internet fraud. Perhaps it's time to blow the whistle on
these people too!!! Anybody know how?


Another "bad guy" is Les Kaltenecker. He runs "American Military": (of Orlando, Florida).
The site which offers: "PRC-6, better than new!"
He seems to have a great stock; so I ordered some rare exotic military
If You order he immediately charges Your credit card and nothing
I lost about 670 USD 2 years ago.
I don't know how to react from Europe!
Your "desperate -----"

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