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Christian Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Tue Aug 10 13:35:56 EDT 1999

Upon the date 12:58 PM 8/10/99 -0400, Michael Crestohl said something like:
>Hi Gang:
>I recently copied all my archive files of the original Boatanchors List
>from a big stack (40) floppy disks to a CD.  These go right back to August
>13th 1992 when it was started through it's period on the MIT server to June
>1998 when I stopped keeping them in this format.  These contain every
>message that I received from that list.  Now I have a stack of 1.44 MB
>diskettes.  I made two sets; (one as a backup). I don't want to just erase
>them and reuse the diskettes so I've decided to sell them for $20.00 each
>including postage.

Hi Mike,

Golly, that's a great resource in those two stacks of diskettes! One could
research BA questions and perhaps get a good deal of info from them as
there's been a lot of diffrent bits of important info presented here since
I've joined (April 1997). So, possibly burn some more copies of the CD and
sell them for a nominal price?

Just askin'.

Regards, Chris
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