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W2OKF szachara at GULFTEL.COM
Wed Aug 18 00:43:08 EDT 1999

Good evening, gentlemen,

I am overwhelmed by the positive response to my posting on the Preventive
Maintenance Card Deck.  While I expected a half-dozen or so of you to want
the deck, it turned out that the total was somewhat more.  Only one person
added a caveat to his "yes" response -- that the publication be free of
copyright problems.

In my former life, before retirement, I was the Deputy Commander of the
Defense Logistics Services Center (DLSC) in Battle Creek, MI.  Anyone that
has had anything to do with military logistics knows this is the "Mecca" of
cataloging and the font of item characteristic descriptions and other
logistics information.  At DLSC we assigned almost all of those funny
numbers called National Stock Numbers or NSN's for short.  We also
maintained an on-line database of some 6 million active items and another 6
million+ inactive items in the Federal inventory.  While I was there, I was
the Program Manager for the FEDLOG, or Federal Logistics Data on Compact
Disk, Program.  During the course of the program, I had the opportunity, on
many occasions,  to visit the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 37, Volume
1, which deals with copyright law.  I, within the last day or so, reviewed
said publication, and found it relatively unchanged from my previous
experience with it.  The section that is pertinent to this discussion is
section 202.2 Copyright Notice.  It states:

        (a)  General. (1)  With respect to a work published before January 1,
1978, a copyright was secured, or the right to secure it was lost, except
for works seeking ad interim copyright, at the date of publication, i.e.,
the date on which copies are first placed on sale, sold, or publicly
distributed, depending upon the adequacy of the notice of copyright on the
work at that time.  The adequacy of the copyright notice for such a work is
determined by the copyright statute as it existed on the date of first

        (2)  If before January 1, 1978, publication occurred by distribution of
copies or in some other manner, without the statutory notice or with an
inadequate notice, as determined by the copyright statute as it existed on
the date of first publication, the right to secure copyright was lost.  In
such cases, copyright cannot be secured by adding the notice to copies
distributed at a later date.

The copy of T.O. 312R2-4-183-WC-6 that I have is an original dated 1 DEC
1963.  It contains absolutely no copyright notices whatsoever, no
classification or restrictive data markings, no "For Official Use Only"
designation...in fact, it is absolutely plain vanilla.  I feel that I am on
solid ground in offering copies to the amateur community, but I keep
hearing the words of the Judge Advocate that used to keep us out of trouble
saying, "a layman who represents himself in legal matters, more often than
not, has a fool for a client."  Keeping this in mind before I enter the
"Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead!" mode, I have asked a friend of
mine, the former Civilian Deputy at DLSC, and before that, a high position
at CECOM at Ft. Monmouth, to check into it for me and verify or negate my
position.  When I get word one way or another, I will individually e-mail
those who responded positively with instructions to get their copy or
copies.  If it is a no-go because of copyright problems, I will post a
notice on these reflectors to that effect.  If it is a go, I will use only
one reflector, Collins, to save bandwidth and take the other traffic to
private e-mail.

With the increase in volume, if the project goes ahead, I will have to
revise some of my equipment, but I will hold the price of the publication
to $25.00 shipped Priority Mail in CONUS as previously stated.  Some of you
requested other binding schemes, punching schemes and possible laminating
of pages, but I will deal with that individually on private e-mail when the
time comes.  The delivery will be on a first payment in -- first shipment
out basis, but please, give me some time for the scope has turned out to be
more than expected.

If this all turns out well, and doesn't drive me up a tree, I may offer the
same type of Preventive Maintenance Card Deck for the SP-600-JX-21 and
JX-17 if there is any interest.  The SP-600 publication is significantly
larger.  I'm also still looking to obtain a copy of T.O. 31R1-2URR-286WC-1,
which is the deck for the R-390 and R-390A.

Thanks to all who replied positively and thanks for the bandwidth this
evening.  I'll keep you advised...


Walt, W2OKF

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> Subject: FS:  TO 31R2-4-183-WC-6
> Date: Friday, August 13, 1999 10:04 AM
> I have acquired a nice original copy of the referenced Tech Order
> (Preventative Maintenance Workcards for the KWM2-A, 30L-1 and 30S-1).
> There are 55 double-sided, heavy cards in four different colors, with...

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