TO 31R2-4-183-WC-6

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At 23:43 8/17/99 -0500, W2OKF wrote:

>The copy of T.O. 312R2-4-183-WC-6 that I have is an original dated 1 DEC
>1963.  It contains absolutely no copyright notices whatsoever,

I worked for several US Government contractors during my career.  I had
occasion to plagarize (or was it research?) information from existing
Government documents on a number of occasions.  When I asked my customer
for permission to use or reproduce previously published stuff, I was told
that the Government does not assert copyright.

I requested, within the last six months, permission from the Voice of
America to publish the text of a program aired on their shortwave service
in a column I write for the monthly journal of the North American Shortwave
Association.  I was told that VoA programs are not copyrighted, so no
permission was required.

As far as I know, no publication of the United States Government is
copyrighted. The principle here is that the people of the United States
paid for the development of the material in the document and the rights to
the information are, therefore, the property of the people.  I have never
seen a copyright notice on any US Government publication.

Joe Buch
Member North American Shortwave Assoc
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