GRT-18 (T-949) Technical Information needed

Michael Catalfano mcatalfa at MAIL.WIN.ORG
Wed Aug 18 16:55:14 EDT 1999

Can anyone help me find technical manuals for the T-949 VHF AM transmitter?
So far I have been given 3 TO numbers to follow up on, 31R2-2GRT-18-2, 31R2-2GRT-18-6-WC-1
and 31R2-2GR-1062.

This radio is a rack mount single channel VHF AM transmitter used by the Air Force during the 70's.
It was most likely used by ATC at McClellan AFB during the later 70's.
I have the following detail from the ID plate.

Transmitter, Radio  T-949/GR
Stock NO.  5820-915-2982
Serial NO.  312
Part NO.    001-6523-01
Contract NO.  AF34(601)24082

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