Fw: Re: TO 31R2-4-183-WC-6

W2OKF szachara at GULFTEL.COM
Wed Aug 18 20:14:59 EDT 1999

Good evening, gentleman,

I have received the information I need to proceed with the project.  I will
individually e-mail all who responded with the information necessary to get
their copies.  I will take all future general announcements to the CCA
sponsored Collins reflector to preserve bandwidth.  If you responded with a
"yes" and don't receive an e-mail by tomorrow, please let me know via
private e-mail.  Thanks for your patience and support...you're a great


Walt, W2OKF

> From: W2OKF <szachara at gulftel.com>
> To: collins at listserv.tempe.gov; boatanchors at listserv.tempe.gov;
forsale-swap at qth.net
> Subject: Fw: Re: TO 31R2-4-183-WC-6
> Date: Tuesday, August 17, 1999 11:43 PM
> Good evening, gentlemen,
> I am overwhelmed by the positive response to my posting on the Preventive
> Maintenance Card Deck.  While I expected a half-dozen or so of you to
> the deck, it turned out that the total was somewhat more.  Only one
> added a caveat to his "yes" response -- that the publication be free of
> copyright problems.

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