"Moving Sale"....Part 3

Thu Aug 19 15:48:14 EDT 1999

    A few more items.......
    A "Newmar 13.2 volt, 32 amp. regulated power supply.  These
very reliable and firm I worked for used these for many years.
We never
had any troubles with them compared to TrippLite and Astron.
Thsi one
in excellent condition.  $90 plus shipping or I'll trade it for a
13-15 volt
1 to 1.5 amp solar panel in good condition.

    6" loudspeaker for Mosley CM-1 receiver.  Cabinet slightly
black grille cloth has a tiny tear in it, there is remnants of
some fibreglass
batting that was glued inside at one time.  I don't know what
these are worth,
but I do know they are *RARE*.  Best offer will get it!

    Several ceramic heavy duty killowatt type rotary switch
decks.  They have 1/4"
shafts that are 2 to 4" long.  Just the thing for a 1-2 kw.
amplifier or antenna tuner!
The "decks" are 4" in diameter.  Some have 'detent' indexing
assemblies as part
of the switch, some don't. (These were originally turned by a
Ledex motor).
    1 pole....11 position......$10 each.....five on hand (no
    1 pole.... 9 position.......$9 each......two on hand (no
    2 pole.... 9 position.......$20 each....two on hand with
    3 pole.... 9 position.......$30 each....one with index.
    You pay shipping charges.

Sandy W5TVW

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