FS: Hamarlund SP-600-J

Al Parker anchor at COASTALNET.COM
Tue Aug 24 20:37:06 EDT 1999

        I have completed the re-capping and associated cleanup, alignment, etc. on
this receiver, and am now ready to move on to the SP-600-JX-17.  But, I
need workspace (and more capacitors ;-)  .
        This receiver has been recapped, ALL the Black Beauties and Gray/tan
Uglies have been replaced.  A previous owner had done a few, I put in about
40.  The electrolytic filter cap has been replaced, and several resistors
have been also, when found to be off value.
        It is clean, tho' the gear train area doesn't look it, no bends, dings,
etc.  No corrosion.  The panel has a few nicks and scrapes, I've filled 3
relatively small (~1/2 x ~1/2") areas carefully with smoke gray paint,
which isn't quite a match, but is much better than bare steel.  The gear
train spins freely.  There are 2 toggle switches, non-operative, one
installed in the tuning lock hole, and one in the hole for the xtal switch,
which was never on this model.  (it once had an FM adapter installed)
        Operation is very good.
        It needs a new line cord, I don't have any 3-wire ones at the moment, but
will get & install one if the buyer wants.  It's missing 3 tube shields,
and 4 or 5 of the small hole plugs on the RF deck.   Other than that, it is
complete.  A manual copy is included.  Also the FM adapter (don't know if
it works).  I am a non-smoker. (don't know about the previous owner, but
it's clean now).
        Price is $300, plus packing/shipping.  It's heavy, manual says 66 lbs.  I
won't pack it myself, but will supervise MailBoxes, or another of your
choice.  I will be at the Shelby, NC, 'fest Fri. & Sat. next week, 9/3-4,
and could take it.


Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
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