C line copies gone but read on

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Thu Dec 2 07:30:45 EST 1999

Holy smokes!!!! I never realized how many C-Line users are out there. Within
10 minutes of my post last night all 8 copies were committed (sp?). BUT,
there are as of this writing 14 more of you asked for copies. Since they are
only 5 cents a page at school I will make up enough copies of these three
articles for 30 more hams.

If you did not rcv a reply from me than that means I am out of copies. I
saved all of the replies so when I get more copies made, probably this
weekend,I will e-mail you.

Mke sure you send a mailing address, even if you are asking if I have copies
left since I am saving all of these e-mails. It will  take some time but
eventually I will get to all of you.

If you have not asked for copies yet (and you actually OWN the subject gear)
go ahead and send me ur address and I will take care of you.

73s and hope to hear those C-lines on the air!!!!!!!


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