still the Shifter...

Sun Dec 5 11:41:36 EST 1999


     The Signal Shifter saga continues.  I thought I had schematics
on the way, but so far nothing.  I was referred to a neat web page
for same, but they are of the wrong model.  I seem to have an odd
ball Signal Shifter (is that redundant?) that does NOT have an 807
final.  As far as I have determined, this is about the third model
of the critter they put out: plug-in coils (4-pin, 5-pin, 6-pin --
three coils for a complete set), a 6V6 osc and a 6L6 "final."

     I would really like to get at least the schematic, since the
paper caps are unreadable - need to know values for replacement.

     And thanks for comments and help so far - I am learning about
the "Shifters" from Mt Carmel, Illinois....

     73,  Al  N5AIT
  modsteph at

P.S. - I want to get it up and running for next "CX" the first Sunday
in February...!!

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