FS: R1051B HF Receiver $280.00

Dave Anderson danderso at EROLS.COM
Tue Dec 7 02:20:52 EST 1999

I thought that this was sold, but it didn't work out, so I'll try again
. . .

This is a digitally tuned triple-conversion superhet receiver which will
receive USB, LSB, ISB, FSK, AM and CW over 2.0 to 30.0 MHZ.
The R-1051B is noted for excellent stability (1 part in 10**8 per day)
and accuracy (0.5 Hertz).

It is at least somewhat a boatanchor - the RF amplifier stages are
TUBES, and the radio weighs seventy pounds.

It runs well, and is in very good shape internally. The face is also in
very good condition. The case shows some rubs and scrapes, but nothing
terrible (no extra holes, gouges, etc.) The receiver is wired for 120

$280.00 plus shipping from Northern Virginia


Dave Anderson

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