Yaesu FL-2100 w/spare tubes $375

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Tue Dec 7 18:53:56 EST 1999

 I am selling two amps. One is the Henry 2001 and the other is this Yaesu
FL-2100. Whichever one sells first does not matter. The one remaining is the
one that I keep. This FL-2100 has a new meter multiplier string and has new
12vdc operated muffin fans to cool the tubes in place of the original record
player motor type fans that operated off of 120 vac. The tubes that are
installed BRAND NEW Cetrons (US made) with very very low air time. Included
is a BRAND NEW set of Taylor 572Bs bought from RF Parts a few years ago. The
swr circuitry has been removed by me from this amp. I intended to replace
the parts but never got around to it. This amp is 110% operational (sans the
vswr circuitry) and is a really really good workhorse of an amp. Comes with
a copy of the manual. Typical output is 800 watts on 40 meters with 100
watts of drive, a plate current of 500mA and the plate voltage at 2100
volts. Similar output on other bands with slight reduction on 15 and 10.
This amp WILL tune 17 and 12 meters in the 15 and 10 meter band positions
but if you run a solid state exciter you will need to use the autotuner.

 $375 gets this amp + spare tubes. UPS charges are paid by the buyer. This
amp will be double boxed and the tubes will also be double boxed and shipped
seperately via UPS ground. Figure 50 pounds when calculating shipping costs.

San Diego zip 92139

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