WTB: RBL-3 manual

Christian Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Thu Dec 9 20:46:35 EST 1999

Anybody have a decent copy of the RBL-3 manual FS?

I want to get my RBL-3 cleaned up, restored, otherwise checked out and
warmed up for hearing SAQ on 17.2 KHz on 1 Jan, 2K.

SAQ is an early Alexanderson transmitter station located in Grimeton,
Sweden. FYI, see attached copy of msg to our AWA Museum curator:

>Here's some news from our good friend Bengt.  Good luck.
>73,  /Ed
>From: "Bengt Svensson" <bengt at satco.se>
>To: <k2mp at eznet.net>
>Subject: SAQ on the air
>Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1999 12:18:54 +0100
>Dear Ed,
>As you might know, SAQ at Grimeton will be on the air on January 1st Year
>2000 at 1200 -1300z,
>to celebrate its 75 year in working order and the new millenium. Frequency
>17,2 kHz.
>With reservation that the regional power supplier have spare power at that
>very time. The station takes 500 kW via an old line.
>QSL-card will be provided and also verification over internet.
>Best Regards and a Merry Christmas!
>-73 de SM0UGV, Bengt

. . . and see this URL if you're interested in VLF in general and a bit of
history of Grimeton:

Thanks for the help with the manual!

Regards,  Chris
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