Slightly OT source for parts

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Mon Dec 13 12:55:29 EST 1999

I've found a non-BA source for parts that many of you have overlooked,
but all should be aware of.

Defunct laser printers.

The first generation of laser printers is starting to hit the junkyards,
and they have a wealth of interesting stuff, though decidedly not
hollow-state.  My latest disassembly project yielded a 9VAC transformer
beefy enough for use as a10VAC filament xfmr if adjusted with a variac.

I also got a multi-volt transformer in the 30-volt range on three windings that
could easily be built into a multi-output variable supply for test use.

And there was a wonderful array of line fiolters, micro switches, and that
sort of stuff.

In my book, a laser printer is better than a microwave oven for free
junk parts.

Happy scrounging


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