Ranger I hv cap, resistors

Rich Sahlender rsahlen at VOICENET.COM
Mon Dec 20 22:35:35 EST 1999

Thanks to all for the suggestions. Here's a summary since several
asked me to share.

For the caps:

47u's at 450v
100u's at 450v

General concensus is the original 10u was too low impedance.

For the resistors:

20k's at 10 watts
47k's at 5 watts
100k's at 2 watts
200k's at 5 watts

Several suggested the 47's and 100's, and metal-films rather than carbons.

Not sure what I'll use just yet until I dig through a few more junk piles.
Thanks again and Happy Holidays.

73 de Rich WA3WLH

> The 10mfd @ 750vdc cap in the hv supply finally dried up. I have a
> 10 @ 600 in my box, but since there's close to 600vdc at that point
> already I'm too worried about what power on/off spikes might do to
> it so I'd rather not leave it to chance. I can't seem to find any
> axials rated any higher than 600vdc so a pair of 20's at 450 each
> in series should do nicely. Any opinions on value of resistors to
> use across the pair to balance the voltage?

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