Schematic Drawing program?`

Jim Anderson jlanderson at INAME.COM
Mon Dec 27 12:20:03 EST 1999


You might try this link:  The product, RFFlow,
has a set of templates for electrical and electronic symbols.  I don't
remember for sure if there is one of a tube, but I believe the product
allows you to create your own templates.  The other nice thing is that a
demo version of the software is free.  The only limitation is the number of
drawing objects you can display at one time.  I believe it is restricted at
50 or so.  Perhaps that would be enough for your needs.  Otherwise, you may
purchase the full version over the net.  I have used the product and found
it to be quite nice, but the usual disclaimers apply -- I don't have any
financial interest in this company.

Hope this helps, and 73!


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Hi All,

Does anyone know of a simple schematic (non-design) program that includes
tube symbols, available on the net?

Thanks in advance


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