Swap For Power Supply & Tubes?

DavidC eDoc at NETZERO.NET
Tue Dec 28 17:52:43 EST 1999

I have recently acquired a R-392 receiver.  I am in need of
AC and DC power supplies and some tubes (and a tester).
Here is the list of needs followed by what I have to swap
(given other expenses, cash isn't an option right now).


Need 26 1/2 VDC regulated, 2.5 amps for the filaments.
and 28-35 VDC regulated, .5 amps for the plates from each PS.
(If I convert the audio and a couple of other sections to solid state
 I have a low current Lambda that can deliver .375 amps. as part
 of an AC supply.)


   I am not sure what is up with the "spares" thing they mention in
the manual, but there it is.

26A6       (it uses 11 of these, plus 4 spares)
26A7/GT  (1 of these plus 2 spares)
26C6       (2 plus 2 spares)
26D6       (1 plus 1 spare)
12AU7     (5 plus 2 spares)
6AJ5        (5 plus 10 spares)

Also hoping to locate a Hickok 799, 800, 752a, 580 or 539a or an
Eico 666 or 667 in reliable operating condition with appropriate roll
chart and manual.


Astatic Desk Mic Stand Model "G STAND" with amplified base and on-off
GE HF portable HF 11W, ET 28A, SN# AO 6712 (rough but unhacked)
Several PC-type Headset Mics.
Archer Video Sound Processor 15-1278 (DNR, stereo synth., stereo expander,

For a local deal I may consider offering my spare ROHN 45 top section as
bait as well.

Let's talk!  ;-)

- Thanks! & 73, DavidC  K1YP in Hudson, FL

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