Attn AOL, HotMail, and WebTV users - List Admin

Wed Feb 3 22:32:09 EST 1999

Hi gang,

If you use AOL, HotMail, WebTV, or any mail service that limits the amount
of mail you can get you may find yourself dropped from the Tempe lists
without explanation at some time.

The only time this might happen is if you don't check your e-mail often
enough and you hit your maximum quota.  At this point your service bounces
an error message back at the list server and then to me.  I'll drop you.
And, at this point there is no way for me to let you know you have been
dropped....remember, your mail box is full!!  By the way, I don't do this
often, just when the problem becomes large and then it may take me a couple
hours to clean things up.

Funny...some have complained that they missed some messages when their
mailbox was just full and it was bouncing the rest.

Here are my reasons for doing this.

First....if even 10 of you at one time is over quota and mail is bounced,
and there are 30 messages posted to the list (or lists) that you are
subscribed to, I get 300 error messages.  I don't care so much, but that's a
lot of extra work for the server to be sending, getting the bounce, and then
reporting it.  Actually, there is an automatic function that would
eventually drop the problem address anyhow.

Second...if the lists are clogging up your mail box it means that others who
have some 'real' reason to send you e-mail will also get bounced.  That's
not a good thing either.

So, for those of you who are not currently bounced and don't know it, this
is how it works.  If you find the messages stop, resubscribe and you'll be
back's that simple.  Don't take it personally.

73 and enjoy...and check your e-mail often!!

Dave Kelley, AI7R
CCA #AC98-00828
ICQ 11444891

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