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Tony Grogan wsno19 at MINDSPRING.COM
Mon Feb 8 16:30:17 EST 1999

For Sale or Trade: 1 TBX-5 Navy (Coat Guard) Radio Station Complete in Original Shipping Chest. 
This item is NEW-OLD STOCK i.e.has only had the R/T unit tested about 10 yrs. The rest of the shipping chest contains ALL operationg parts i.e. Key, Mic/Headsets, cords, cables, antenna's, stakes, repair components, vacum tubes, hand generator in bag, batt box, radio in bag etc..etc..ALSO i have the Navy EAO AC Power Supply and the Navy Gasoline Generator (Total Run Time ~5 hrs in 20 yrs.The Generator has also brand new Spare parts i.e. seals, carb' etc..TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION!

 I have owned the radio for 20 yrs. Surely, this has to be one of the NICEST EXAMPLES in Captivity today?
 The Case also contains the original Manual and all parts Match!!
I believe this has the non-radioactive meters?
Please make sensible offers to Tony Grogan, South Carolina Signal Corps Mus.Inc, 107 Markham Rd, TRYON.NC 28782.
We are a 501(c)3 SC Not-for-profit organization.
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