Late Model Power Supplies for AN/PRC-109

Tony Grogan wsno19 at MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Feb 10 20:11:25 EST 1999

A few years ago, I found a 30Mhz model of the '109. The seller was a regular
buyer of surplus at local military bases.

I picked up in the deal, a pair of small solid/state switcher power supplies
for 12 Volt.

These power supplies are built by Nemms Clarke. (Baltimore-Maryland?)The
designation is PS-109. Both power supplies have their serial number in the
less-than-100 serial number range. My understanding is that these
purpose-built PSU's replace the "little" AC PSU (Number@#$?)and for good
cause..who drives a 6 Volt auto today?

Any deep diving researcher out there have any more (credible) raison-etre
for why they were built? ( a little speculation would be OK too...! )

                                             Tony WA4MRR

PS. Enjoying BOATANCHORS and oh! bye the way..where do I find some really
gud stuff that was put on this board 2-3 yrs ago?..ideas?

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