Delco model 987088 Chevy tubed radio (1955 vintage)

Christian Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Fri Feb 12 17:31:10 EST 1999

Upon the date 01:03 PM 2/12/99 -0600, Guy Dragoo said something like:
>I was wondering if perhaps anyone here is familiar with a Delco model 987088
>Chevy tubed radio (1955 vintage). I recapped all the caps and now the thing
>is dead when I bench test it ( hook up Plus /Minus and ground light to
>chassis to turn on).  I am looking for a schematic as well as advice as to
>whether I have messed up by replacing all caps with orange drop capacitors
>(I am nervous that maybe I should have used caps such as electrolytic).  The
>unit has (2) 12BA6, OZ4, 12BE6, Vibrator, 12V6GT, 12AV6 tubes.  I also
>checked voltage on the unit and don't seem to have any voltages over 1v.
>Does anyone know where I can get a schematic or have any advice for me
>regarding this unit?  I am very unfamiliar with this unit as well as car
>radios in general so any advise would be much appreciated.

Early car radios are one of my favorite things to restore. I'm somewhat
familiar with this unit as I'd restored one for a friend back in the early
90's. I have a schematic (factory, I believe) and can likely help.

Talk to me off this list though.

Meanwhile, I'll hunt up the Delco service data I've got and you check to
see that the polarity of your 12V connections is correct (neg ground) _and_
especially that the vibrator is "buzzing".

Regards, Chris
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