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>>    Curiosity has got me asking if the Submarine Signal Company was a
>> manufacturer of radio equipment, or is it a transformer maker only?  I
>> have not heard of them before. Has anyone knowledge of the company and
>> did they specialize in radio gear for sumarines as the name would imply?
>Submarine Signal made a majority of the sonar sets for the Navy. They also
>dabbled in radar (models SF and SU, I think).
>William Donzelli
>william at
        Submarine Signal made "echo" sounders or "fathometers" (a Raytheon
registered name, I think!).  Some were quite ancient in the 1970's and 1980's!
They also made some rotating loop direction finding receivers.  These
were the old style D/F stands with the "steering wheel" to turn the loop.
To a landlubber, they might look like some kind of ship's steering stand
only they were usually mounted in the chartroom!  Seems like the last one
I saw was on a T2 tanker or a Victory ship.
        I think the name came from specialization in the "submarine signal"
aspects of it, literally, sonar and depth or bottom echo sounding.
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