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Tony Grogan wsno19 at MINDSPRING.COM
Mon Feb 15 16:24:26 EST 1999

The South carolina Signal Corps Mus.Inc, a South Carolina 501(c)3 not-for-profit has, surplus to requirements the following two items of German WW11 Origin.
They are:
                A German Luftwaffe entertainment receiver of 1940-42 vintage?
                The receiver covers all the popular German and occupied countries
                principal transmitters. It is painted in "Luftwaffe Blue" and has a pair
                of nice eagles w/swastikas painted on the doors. This model has the
                "Grundig" type tuning dial. The receiver is c/w all tubes and a battery 
                eliminator. As known unto me, ( I have had the receiver for 25 yrs )
                this very receiver was used in the pilots "ready" room at the airfield
                outside St Peter Port, on the (then) occupied island of Guernsey-
                Channel Islands. It is in EXCELLENT cndx.

                This receiver was traded to me by the individual who "borrowed" it
                from the Luftwaffe immediately at the end of WW11. 

                A German WW11 Command Post "type" telephone set with 
                term block.This phone also came from the same source as
                above. It is complete, functional and contains a nice copy of
                of the German phonetic alphabet affixed to its plastic case.

                This phone is in EXCELLENT cndx.

The museum is open to sensible trades or outright purchase offers.

Wanted this week: Modules and parts for AN/PRC-74* radios
                            Complete SCR-536 Test Sets w.h.u?(BC-611)
                            C-29/ARC-5 Transmitter Control unit
                            J-17/J-17A/ARC-5 Distribution boxes.
                            What Have You?

Thank you, Tony Grogan.                
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