Radio-TV Experimenter super-regen

Tom Bowman tbowman at NBN.NET
Tue Feb 16 07:17:32 EST 1999

I'm looking for either the original Radio-TV Experimenter magazine
or a copy of the article on building a 12AT7 super-regen receiver.
The magazine was probably from 1959, 1960 or 1961.

I built the receiver back in 1959 or 1960 on a plywood breadboard
with an aluminum front panel pretty much following the instructions
in the magazine. The first triode section of the tube was used as the
super-regen detector and the second triode as an audio amplifier.
Powered by a 90 volt battery, the receiver worked great with headphones
and a short piece of hook-up wire for an antenna.

I listened to lots of 6-meter DX as a SWL with that receiver and I'd like to
build a copy of it.



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