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I'm breaking my own rules here because this isn't on the topic of cool
radios but the List operation itself.  So, if you want to know what's
new...or going to be, read on.  The good part....I'm not yelling at you all
this time.  You've all been very good. (grin)

It was approved this morning to throw some money at the List Server and
upgrade the software.  We are currently running on a 'lite' version and we
will be upgrading to the 'classic' version.  (I can't figure out if they are
getting this from beer or coke?) This is to assist me in maintaining the
lists by automating the deletion of bad addresses....and that problem is
most serious on some of the City lists with almost 3,000 subscribers.  The
radio lists are easy compared to the 'real' City lists.

So...what's this going to change for you?  Well, here are some highlights...

The Archives will be key word searchable all the way back to day one.  This
should give us a research tool that is pretty powerful.  I asked...our 2
years of archives will slip right in and instantly give us this feature.

Custom footers in the messages per list.  So, net times and freqs COULD be
added to the bottom of each list.  Even special events.

Sub categories  I haven't checked this out completely, but I THINK you can
sign up for a list and select what types of messages you want to see - like
sales, a particular model - technical info, etc.  Of course you can get all
of it, but I THINK you have to classify your post and then it goes to only
those who have selected that type of posting.  Wouldn't THIS be a cool
feature if it works like that?  Of course I'll make sure everyone knows
exactly how it works once I figure it out.  Of course it will always have
the option of doing things exactly as they'll be up to the user
and how they sign up.

There are more features, but not as neat as the ones listed above.  Once
it's all tested and ready to go I'll let you all know.  It should be in the
next 1-2 weeks.  I might ask for some volunteers to check out the test
system when I get closer to the end of testing.  And, when the change takes
place it will be down for half a day or so.

Soooo, life is good.  And, your taxes ARE used to make your life

73 all and sorry for the off topic.  Any comments privately only please.


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