F.S. SCR-508

Tony Grogan wsno19 at MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Feb 17 17:02:03 EST 1999

Excellent cndx. SCR-508 c/w BC-604 Tx, 2 BC-603 Rx's (one still in box!), Spares container w/spares) rack, canvas, manual etc...

This has been in the SCSCM collection for 20 plus years and is fired up every few years.

If you have to have it I have a MP-48 mast base w/NEW antennas..but they ain't cheap.

Will consider trades for smaller mil radios e.g. AN/PRC-70, AN/PRC-104, AN/PRC-68A,B's, RT-524    W.H.U?

Tnx Tony Grogan.
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