4 Sale Hallicrafter SX-88, and R-46B

Thu Feb 18 03:06:40 EST 1999

Wow!!!! How lucky we are!. Just $1500.00!!!. And it INCLUDES speaker and
just some _small_ scratches. And also the manual. Santa Claus is alive!.
Hooray!!!!. I just wonder how much was paid for this same radio a week
ago... Perhaps $400???

>4 sale VERY NICE Hallicrafter SX-88 "VERY RARE RECEIVER" with matching
>R-46B external speaker , and original manual included. Condition is  1 out
>of 10 its a 8 1/2 some small scratches.

Please, let's clarify this a bit: "1 out of 10 its a 8 1/2"... My english
is not so fluent and I can't get this right. Do you mean it is (no 'its') a
"1" or a "8 1/2"?. A "1" would be worth just $1000... Remember, it is a

>....................................... I works great had it on the air
>last week on 75 meters,                               =================


Do you mean it is ALSO a TRANSMITTER?????. What a nice SX-88!. A really
Museum piece!. How many watts do you get from it?. At 1K5 bucks, at least
1kW is expected...

Now I know why I can't afford some boatanchors. There is too much
speculation around :-(

Just my 0.02 Euros worth.


PS: Sorry for the bandwidth, but sometimes I can't resist.

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