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Ken Simpson W8EK at USA.NET
Sun Feb 21 08:52:08 EST 1999

For Sale:

Heath SG-7 RF Signal Generator.  This one must be one of the earliest
Heathkits made.  It covers from about 150 kHz to about 150 MHz.  Color
is the very old heath color, with a sort of "olive drab" front panel,
and a green case, but not the color of Heathkit green we normally see.
This is not a repaint job, but just that Heath used a different color
at that time. It resembles a Heath "Lunchbox" xcvr in styling, and
even includes an aluminum colored handle on the top. The Signal
Generator appears to work OK, and includes output cable.
Cosmetically, it is in very good shape for the age.  This is not to
say it is perfect, but it seems to be well preserved.  $ 30

HD-15 Phone Patch.  This is the one that matches the SB line of ham
gear.  Everything is in very good shape.  I can not even find a
missing paint flake.  Knobs are all in good shape as well.  A great
addition to the shack.  $ 25

HD-1416 Code Oscillator.  This just like it was made yesterday.  Seems
to be prefect condition.  $ 12

HM-102 HF wattmeter.  Covers the HF bands with 200 W and 2000 watt
scales.  Looks great in all respects.   $ 40

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.

E-mail to W8EK at usa.net



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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