Radio Items for Sale or swap

Tony Grogan wsno19 at MINDSPRING.COM
Fri Feb 26 22:14:10 EST 1999

I have the following items for sale or trade:

         A British FT-1 test set for most of the LARKSPUR FM and HF radios. This
test set can
       test all cable harnesses and general performance. For radios C42 -
C45, C13, C11,
       B45 - B47.

        Power Supply/ L.F. Amplifier No.2 for 12 Volt operation of Wireless Sets
No.88 in AFV's.

      A rack for NAVY MODEL RAX-1 on shocks.

        A NOS NAVY ARB Rx with ALL controls units, Canvas, Tuning head and Rack.

        AN/PRC-15! radio. in OK cndx. has 50% paint gone, no blade antenna. CAN be
made functional
        with minimal work. This set looks like a half sized BC-611 xcept case is
dimpled and     grey/green painted. This is a UNIQUE item.

        2 MT-350/GRC-9 mounting trays for AN/GRC-9 R/T. For vehicle...

        A BC-348R unmodified. Set is perfect electrically. Aligned 1 yr ago. A DARE

        Thanks, Tony.

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