FS/FT: Collins 500 kHz LSB 2.7kHz filter

Ian Webb ian_webb at PACBELL.NET
Fri Jan 1 16:31:51 EST 1999

FOR SALE/TRADE, $25 postpaid, insured.

500 kHz , 2.7 kHz LSB filter

500    F500Z-5      526-9376-00   lower     2.7 @ 3 dB      Y

"Y" - Cylindrical, two solder lugs one end, three lugs (1 ground) on
other end.
2 13/16" long, 7/16" diameter.

When I looked for an AM filter for my 51S-1, I ended up purchasing two
plug in modules in order to get the AM filter which was in one module.
The other module:  I.F. Translator, 544-9286-00, contained the upper and
lower sideband filters which I didn't need.

I've sold the USB filter to a list member needing one for a PRC-47
project.  Thus I'm left with this one which I hope somebody can use.

If you want to see it, realize that it looks rough due to the remnants
of the glue from the cork/rubber pad that held it against the module
chassis and that's the rough stuff that appears on it.



I'd be happy to also send the IF translator module along with the filter
if the module is of use to somebody.

Ian, K6SDE
San Jose, CA area

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