Neat Product Detector conversion

William L. Fuqua III wlfuqu00 at POP.UKY.EDU
Thu Jan 7 09:29:35 EST 1999

   In October 1998 Popular Communications there is a
 neat conversion for radios using a 6H6 dual diode
for AM and AGC detectors. The 6H6 is replaced by a dual
triode (a 6SN7 I think).  The AGC diode is replaced by
a diode wired triode section. The AM detector diode is
replaced by the other but the grid is connected to
ground thru a resistor and a capacitor couples the
grid to the BFO.
  When the BFO is turned off the triode acts as a
diode and detects AM. But when the BFO signal is applied
to the grid, grid rectification produces a negative bias
and the triode acts like a diode switched on and off
by the BFO.
  I had only glanced at the article. Don't have the
magazine myself but I believe it should work just
  The author stated that it sounded clearer than most
Product Detectors and that the AGC worked as well.
If some one tries this out please let me  your
results. I had been looking for a such a conversion for
some time for my old radios. It requires not panel
modifications and maybe not circuit changes if a
octal plug and socket adapter can be wired and
plugged in.

Bill wa4lav

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